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Αριθμός Εγκρίσεως ΥΠ.ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΥ
ΦΕΚ 708/τ.8/10.12.87

Kallisperi 27, Akropoli, 117, 42 Athens
Tel.: (0030) 210 9238970 - (0030) 2109238227


The Conservatory was founded in 1981 by Linda Leoussi, a well known international concert Pianist, a member of the European Piano Teachers Association and a member of the committee of the National Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.). Located opposite the Acropolis and the ancient theatres of Dionysos and Herodus Atticus in Athens, the conservatory is in an area which has been a centre of civilisation, the arts and culture, for over 5000 years.


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Many talented students graduate every year with high honours.
Linda Leoussis desire has always been to pass on to her students, the knowledge and the love of music, which she herself obtained from her outstanding Professors of music (Alex Thurnyesen, the German disciple of the famous Ferrucio Busoni, Heinz Scholz at the Mozarteum Academy in Salzburg and Joseph Dichler, of the Academy of Music in Vienna) and from her own personal experience as a concert pianist.

The Conservatory has excellent Professors, providing lessons in piano, violin, cello, song, winds and other instruments. Tuition is also provided in Chamber Music, the History of international and Hellenic music, as well as in theory and harmony to the highest Composition levels. Linda Leoussis name and personal direction, ensure that the Conservatory achieves and maintains the highest educational standards.


Elias Ionian Cadesa. Diploma 2005 International Career

Kallisperi 27, Akropoli, 117, 42 Athens
Tel.: (0030) 210 9238970 - (0030) 2109238227