FROM 2000 BC to 2000 AD
Published by Agyra Publications

An illustrated book of the history of Music in Greece, from its origins in prehistoric and ancient times to modern day developments, this work is the first ever to cover the entire history of music in Greece - from 2000 BC to 2000 AD.
The book examines and pays particular attention to the contribution which Greek music has made throughout the centuries, to the development of music especially to Byzantine and Western music. Whilst there are several books on the ancient history of Greek music and others on Byzantine music and the music of later periods, no single literary work has encompassed all these periods and covered the development of music over the last 4000 years.
The first edition of the book, published in Athens on February 2003, quickly sold out and it is now in its fourth reprint. Available with the book there is a CD with Greeek Composers performed by Linda Leoussi.
It is aimed at academics, students of classics, Greek civilization and its culture, music in theatre and at those specialising or with an interest in music, its history and development. It is a scholarly work of reference suitable for libraries and the English language edition, which is due to be published, will have international appeal to a very wide audience.
An initial translation of the book in English has been already made.
The author Linda Leoussi is an internationally known concept pianist. An American citizen, she resides both in Athens where she was born and in New York's East Manhattan, with her husband Prof. E. L. Bourodimos Ph.D. MIT, professor at Rutgers University. She gives concerts throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas as well as in Greece. This, her first book, was written as a dedication to, as well as a record of, the massive contribution which her native country has made through music, to civilisation, the humanities and culture.

Odysseus Elytis the Nobel prize winning Greek Poet wrote: "My country is small in its length of space but endless in its length of time".

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